Telescoping Pivot Grip

Telescoping Pivot Grip

Designed for the customer who demands the best, the Telescoping Pivot Grip is the ultimate choice in safety.

Because the ends pivot and rotate, the installation options are endless; including stretching across a shower corner, across the inside of a bathtub, or even for use on unparallel surfaces, the options are almost limitless! Our Best Portable Grab Bar is YOUR best value!

no tools requiredbuy nowDesigned as heavy duty Medical Devices that are tested and approved by health professionals, Bridge Medical's Portable Grab Bars give you the confidence you need to move freely and independently without worry.

The World is not Always a Straight Line

  • Bathtub & shower
  • At Home
  • Vacation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Renters
  • Winter retreat
  • Hospital Stays
  • When permanent is not practical